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The Best Way To Deal With Recovering Data From A Gateway Desktop PC


I have a Gateway 4022 which was turned on when there was a power outage in the area. The lights came back on in the street no long afterwards, but the same has not happened with the computer. It has not been able to power up to the operating system since that time. I can’t hear the hard drive turning around, although I can see the motherboard light and hear the fans turning around. I thought that I might have blown the fuse, but with these things being powered, it seems like the hard drive has died. I have a lot of music and movies on the computer that I want saved.


I am having trouble with the taskbar on the GT 4022 from Gateway. It was working fine until recently, but last week I discovered that there was something wrong with the taskbar. I had been trying to increase the size of the bar, so I could see it clearly when I was doing some alterations, and I found that I could not get the bar to increase. I went to look in Properties, to see if there was a problem, and I can see that the taskbar area is grey, and there is a tick in the box which I can’t remove due to the box being greyed out. I found that other things are also greyed out, including large parts of the data that I have saved to the hard drive. Whole folders are just grey, and I can’t access them. Windows is reporting it as a registry error. I can’t open up the error to take a look, but Windows seems to want to save it over everything else that I look at. I don’t know what is going on, and I definitely don’t want to lose any of my data.