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Mac Hard Drive Recovery

Mac HDD Reported Problems You May Encounter:

For many users of an Apple Mac the very owning of one is a joy. Sleek in design and with an abundance of features that the Windows-based PC does not possess, the Mac has become something of a staple among those who carry out heavy-duty design work as well as the production of music and video. Just like their PC counterparts though the Apple Mac can suffer from a wealth of problems that are similar to those the PC user may encounter. Among them are an inability to access the HDD contained within their machine as well as finding that on attempting to boot up their system they find the drive is not there. Many Apple Mac users have been faced with a question mark (?) on start-up that is the Mac equivalent of the Windows message BOOTMGR is Missing. But unlike a PC the Apple Mac is likely to be a one-piece affair and actually gaining access to the drive to replace it may prove difficult. We at Maidenhead Data Recovery have experts on hand to help determine the nature of the hard drive problem and can also help you recover the dat safely as well as replace the drive if needs be.

Mac Boot Up Problems:

There are many reasons as to why an Apple Mac will not boot up. Some of them are actually quite simple to resolve but most of them require the help of a data recovery specialist. This is where we at Maidenhead Data Recovery come in. When starting up your Mac you may be presented with a grey or blue screen which is completely empty. At the bottom of this screen a progress bar may move along so far then stop. This indicates that in the process of reading the startup files the Mac has encountered a problem which may be the loss of files due to bad sectors or clusters. You may be faced with a stop sign (or as Apple refers to it a ‘Prohibitory Sign’); this sign is a circle with a diagonal line through it as you would see in a no parking zone. If you encounter this symbol at the boot-up stage then there are issues with folders or files on your disk that have been moved or deleted incorrectly. This symbol is also used to indicate that a recent hardware installation has caused a problem somewhere in your system. To this end many suggest inserting the Apple Mac Operating System disk with a view to booting up from it but therein lies a problem because this procedure allows for the overwriting of existing data on the HDD. If you are greeted with an unfamiliar symbol at start-up and are in any doubt as to what it means for your system and your data please contact us here at Maidenhead Data Recovery and our experts will be only too glad to assist.

Mac Hard Drive Firmware & Device Failure:

Even though a great number of Apple Macs are now all-in-one machines that look as though they are simply a monitor and a keyboard, there are a great many small firmware programs in operation behind the scenes. The CD/DVD drive has one, the hard drive has one, the motherboard has one and so on and it can be these programs that can fail or corrupt and cause serious misgivings when it comes to accessing your data. It is often recommended that running Safe Mode or Recovery Mode may cure this problem but at best this will only allow you temporary access to your Mac with a limited number of devices functioning. Even then it may still not be possible to access your data if there are read/write issues caused by faulty firmware.

Mac Firmware Failures:

The Mac HDD firmware is, like the other firmware programs running on other devices in the setup, there to ensure that the hard drive operates in a particular way. With faulty firmware the HDD may operate but at a slower rate than normal which in itself is likely to cause damage to the hardware on the drive itself. As the platters and heads of an HDD are designed to run at an average of 7200RPM faulty firmware slowing this process down may result in damage to the hardware as it knocks against itself as it spins. Contact us at Maidenhead Data Recovery if you feel faulty firmware is causing your Mac problems.

Mac Hard Drive Operating Below Normal System Parameters:

Each of us knows our own computer and as such we know when there is something wrong. Just like we know our motor vehicle is driving sluggishly we know when our Mac is performing sluggishly and taking longer than normal to perform a set task(s). With this in mind it is wise to assume that if your Mac begins running slowly there is a potential problem with an item of hardware perhaps the hard drive. Many consider a slow running computer to mean problems with memory but often issues with a hard drive can slow the machine’s capabilities down and a failure to identify this early on can lead to a potentially fatal loss of data. Our experts here at Maidenhead Data Recovery can help you diagnose the problem and find a way to recover from it; at least giving you a head start by recovering your data in a format that suits you best.

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