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Camera Memory Card Impairments:

Depending on who you talk to there is some dispute over who actually invented and patented the idea of the memory card but whoever was responsible for it many of us owe them a debt of thanks because the memory card has revolutionised the way in which we store and transport data. The memory card has now become the common staple for those of us who want to take photographs on our phones, digital cameras, and digital video recorders and also those among us who spend hours gaming and want to take our game saves with us from one console to another. But as much as this invention is hailed as wondrous it comes with it its own set of problems when it no longer functions in the way it should. Inside the memory card is what is known as flash memory and this memory can become impaired if the hardware attached to it ceases to function correctly. Indeed because of its size the memory card is also susceptible to damage in a way that the hard drive and external hard drive are not. It is not often you encounter someone who has managed to bend or snap a hard drive in two!

Camera Memory Card Physical Defects:

The memory chip inside a memory card consists of a variety of small components as well as a thin layer of oxide through which the information you wish to save or retrieve is passed. At one end of this chip are what is known as floating gates and these are all connected together using small amounts of solder through which information is carried. Damage to these components can occur if the card is bent, in any way distorted in its shape or if its introduced to harsh environs where it has not been designed to function. Some memory cards can sustain damage if there constantly placed in and removed from adapter devices if the card itself is not large enough to fit in a designated card reader. Inadvertent damage to the controller pins (the gold or copper-coloured pins) at the end of the memory card that connect with the memory card reader.

Camera Memory Card Onboard Circuitry Flaw:

To look at a memory card it is hard to believe that there is so much going on inside such a small piece of equipment. Indeed it is hard to imagine that at one point in time in the history of computing that the same amount of storage on your average memory card required a large pile of floppy discs or several CDs. Within each memory card there are 3 flash memory chips that are connected via a whole host of circuits that are made up of lines of solder as well as a write-protect circuit that prevents the data from being accidentally erased. This onboard circuitry is very intricate and as such is susceptible to physical damage as well as damage from external forces such as heat, cold and exposure to large quantities of energy from magnetic fields. With that in mind many consider the memory card to be useless if damaged but we at are able to restore your data using sophisticated up-to-the-minute card reading technology.

Inadvertent Loss of Data, Impromptu Formatting of Memory Card:

Every memory card comes fitted with what is known as a write-protect circuit. This device (in chip form) is designed to prevent the erasure of information from your memory card but cannot stop the data being overwritten if the command is sent to the memory card when placed in a memory card reader or host device. As a general rule this is something that can only be done by a user in error and as such we receive requests from the general public as well as professionals who have simply pressed the wrong key or entered the wrong command. Under the proviso that the data is not overwritten with new data or the memory card has not been reformatted there is a very high success rate when it comes to us being able to retrieve your data.

Your Operating System’s Inability To Recognise Your Memory Card:

When placing your memory card in a memory card reader (either built-in to your computer or an external USB card reader) there may be times when the memory card does not work or is not recognised by the operating system. There may be a variety of reasons as to why this might happen but if the operating system you are using does not recognise the card it might be because it has been incorrectly formatted or because of a failure on the behalf of the operating system to communicate with the firmware built into the memory card. In this instance some users have attempted to try formatting the card to be readable on their host device or have returned to the last device they used the card on however this does not always allow for correct reading of the card. Indeed some operating systems simply cannot read the format of a memory card because of a degradation of the chip containing the firmware. To this end if you find that the operating system on your computer will not recognise your memory card we recommend against formatting it and suggest you contact us here at so that we may endeavour to recover your data. We may even be able to repair the memory card but our primary concern if the safe retrieval of your card’s data.

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