What Advice Can We Offer?

If you have discovered that you are unable to access data from a particular storage device or that the data itself appears to be corrupt then contacting our professional and friendly engineers will be the first step on the road to reuniting you with it. Email or telephone us for an initial consultation and we will be happy to provide you the reason as to why your device has stopped functioning or why the data is not accessible. We will also provide you with a price for the recovery of the data if you are interested in what we have to tell you. If you want to avail of our services there is a shipping form available to print from the Contact US page; you can use this to send your storage device to us. Please ensure where possible that the device (be it a hard drive, USB stick etc) is packaged as securely as possible to avoid any further damage in transit. You can send it to our Data Recovery centre using Royal Mail registered or special delivery, a private courier, or if you live or work locally you can bring it into our offices yourself.

Take Advantage of Our No Obligation Quotation Service

Before we proceed with the recovery of your data we will contact you by telephone to discuss the exact nature of the problem. During this call we will once again qualify exacting what it is we can do to recover the data and confirm with you if you want to proceed. Even though we have provided you with a quote and a diagnosis there is no obligation for you to continue should you not wish to. Our advice and quotation is given free in the knowledge that we are very rarely beaten on service or price.

How Maidenhead Data Recovery Recovers Your Data?

Having agreed to the costings we have provided if you want us to go ahead we will. To this end the whole process takes between 2-3 days. Having recovered the data to our secure servers our engineer will contact you to discuss the next step in the recovery process. He will contact you by telephone and send you an email which will detail in depth the data recovered including filenames and also directory listings. This way you can be sure that the recovery has been successful before you continue. Included in the email is snapshots of the recovered data so that you can be safe in the knowledge that it has indeed been recovered correctly.

Ensuring Your Data’s Prompt and Safe Return

Having confirmed the data is yours and has been recovered to the best of our abilities and your expectations, all we ask for is full payment. You can pay using a credit or debit card (for which there is no charge), cheque or bank transfer. Upon receipt of full payment we will produce a physical backup on the media of your choosing, and ship it to you via next day courier service. The cost of delivering to you by courier is already factored into the overall cost. There are no hidden charges for return delivery.

Why Choose Maidenhead Data Recovery?