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Gateway PC Hard Drive Problems Of A Regularly Reported Nature:

Here at we are presented with a variety of common problems relating to PC hard drives on a daily basis. A lot of these problems are hardware and software in origin and can result in the inability to use the PC and the potential loss of data. We are well versed in dealing with the myriad of faults that befall PC hard drives at a hardware level and can often help you identify a problem if it has been caused by faulty software or mixed messages being sent between differing versions of firmware. If you switch on your PC and are greeted with a black screen and a series of beeps then you may well have a faulty motherboard or (depending on the number of beeps) a faulty hard drive that is not in any condition to boot up. If you have switched on a computer in your office or home and have been presented with this kind of error warning then contact us at your earliest possible convenience and we will do our best to diagnose the fault and explain how we can help you recover your data.

Gateway PC Hard Drive Technical & Physical Disparities:

Before the advent of the home computer many of us listened to music on vinyl and when it comes to problems with hard drives there are similarities as to how a vinyl record might no longer play the way it should. If you imagine for example that the inside of a hard drive is like a vinyl record then the platters on which the information is saved are like the grooves on a record and a scratch or speck of dirt can make them jump. However unlike an LP jumping because of dust it is impossible for the normal user to repair or clean a hard drive without having access to a clean room which is dust free and we do not recommend opening up a hard drive. A hard drive can also develop a hard ware problem if there is an issue with the onboard PCB through which commands are sent and received from the motherboard. If your hard drive suddenly ceases to function without any warning we recommend that you do not try and reboot the system over and over as this may increase the damage to the drive and its data. Contact us at for help and advice.

Gateway PC Hard Drive Motherboard & Device Inconsistencies:

Whilst the CPU is the brain of the computer the motherboard is the heart and like any heart it can develop problems. Some of these problems are because the devices attached to them are sending the wrong information through their onboard firmware or perhaps, like any heart, too much electricity has been passed through it and caused various capacitors and chips to malfunction. The motherboard houses not only the CPU, the memory, BIOS chip and other important peripherals such as graphics and sound cards but acts as a bridge between hard drives should your computer have more than one. If you are experiencing problems that you think are motherboard related or your motherboard is causing potential conflicts between devices it is best to power down and contact our team of experts who can go some way to giving you a diagnosis and can most certainly help with the recovery of the data stored on your hard drive.

Gateway PC Hard Drive Firmware Imbalances:

Almost every electronic device you own or have come into contact with has its own particular kind of firmware imbedded in inside it. Whether it be a television, a DVD player, an MP3 player or a tablet device there is some kind of firmware in operation behind the scenes that allows these devices to work in the manner in which they are supposed to. And your hard drive is no exception. In earlier hard drives the firmware was built onto a chip that was soldered to the printed circuit board to which the ribbon cable is connected and jumpers configured but now, as well as being on chips on the PCB, the firmware can be found pre-written to a secure section of the hard drive. This allows the hard drive to know how to behave when it is working in conjunction with the motherboard and other onboard devices and firmware failures can often lead to the hard drive acting strangle or simply not working at all. Upon attempting to boot up your system if you discover that the hard drive is not spinning – or is spinning and not loading – then there may well be a firmware issue causing it. And rather than cause further physical damage to the hard drive by means of repeatedly trying to boot it, we recommend switching off your computer and contacting us here at We are faced daily with the problems that clients new and existing face as a result of failing or corrupt firmware and can offer you a fast secure data recovery service as well as advice on how best to counter the problem of misbehaving firmware.

Gateway PC Hard Drive Failing to Communicate With Your Computer’s Operating System:

Switching on your Gateway computer only to find that it will not boot is one of the things the regular PC user fears the most. And this is something that can happen without warning or with some warning, if you know what to look out for. If you have switched on your computer and it has failed to load the operating system then it might be that the hard drive has suffered a hardware failure as it has been shutting down last time you used it. It may also be that the hard drive had been suffering from an intermittent problem that simply became too much for it to cope with. In addition to this you should take into consideration that the operating system may be causing some kind of conflict that has rendered the disk useless. Have you recently upgraded the operating system? Have you rolled it back to a previous restore point? Or have you installed a new device and drivers that may be causing a conflict with the firmware that operates your hard drive and tells it how to react to being attached to your computer’s motherboard? These are all questions we at can answer if you have found your computer will not boot and should you find yourself in this position we will be only too happy to help you recover your data if we cannot help you fix the problem.

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