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Synology Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from external hard drives. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
Synology Recovery

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Synology External Hard Drive Idiosyncrasies:

Synology External HDDs may fail in a variety of ways similar to their internally installed counterparts. The reason for this is that for the most part these drives are the same except that for external hard drives they have their own separate power supply and caddy in which they are housed. An external HDD may be of the same volume as an internal drive and can even become home to larger amounts of data and with this in mind it is important to pay close attention if you feel that the drive is not performing to its best. One of the first signs that your external hard drive is failing is the very distinct sound that it makes; it may begin as an intermittent clicking sound but will sound intensify until it is constant. This sounds like metal grinding against metal and is often a sign that either the read/write heads or the platters within the drive have left their designated axis and are spinning out of control. When this happens not only is considerable damage caused to the hardware of the drive but it can also cause catastrophic damage to the data contained therein. Upon hearing either or these sounds either in their intermittent or continual forms you should power down the device and seek professional assistance. We at have a decade and a half’s worth of experience when it comes to external hard drive adversities.

Synology External Hard Drive Failing Due to Onboard Mechanics:

The mechanics of a Synology external hard drive are amazing to watch in action and are rarely seen because of the need for absolute cleanliness when it comes to their interior. You might be forgiven when looking at a hard drive in action for thinking that nothing is happening at all and the only indication that there is any movement is because of the sound it makes. The internals of a hard drive move so quickly that it is sometimes difficult for the naked eye to see so you can imagine the speeds at which they are turning. The average hard drive nowadays spins at around 7200RPM (revolutions per minute) so in the space of a year if you used your computer with external hard drive attached for eight hours a day the drive would spin almost 15 million times. With this in mind it is easy to understand why such a heavy workload might cause some of the moving components to fail.

Synology External Hard Drive Circuitry Breakdown:

There is a lot of circuitry inside your Synology external hard drive. Resembling a small motherboard this circuitry determines the level of power that is used, the amount of revolutions per minute that take place and also the speed at which data is sent and received. Failures to this circuitry which can be caused – in the case of external HDDs – by knocking the device whilst in transit may result in an inability to read or write the data saved therein.

Synology External Hard Drive Firmware Configuration Errors:

As a Synology external hard drive operates in the same way as an internal hard drive so too does it require the same kind of firmware to make it work. This firmware is in essence a small but complicated piece of software that is hard-wired into the drive or onto its circuitry. Imagine if you will an old fashioned computer that required a Disk Operating System (DOS) to load and then apply this idea to your external HDD. Just as the old style DOS might become corrupted so too might the firmware governing the working practises of your external HDD. With this in mind if your hard drive suddenly fails to communicate with your computer and still sounds as though it is spinning then the possibility is there that the firmware has become corrupted. Contacting us here at is the first step in ensuring the data on your external hard drive is recovered

Synology External Hard Drive Failing to Maximise Its Potential:

Almost everyday we here at are presented with external hard drives that have failed shortly after it has become evident that they have not been operating at their best. One of the first symptoms of a failing drive is that the drive takes longer than normal to send and receive information that the user has requested opened or saved. Many users see the slowing down of a drive to mean that it requires some kind of intervention from a disk management program such as DEFRAG but the reality is that there may well be a problem with the hardware or the onboard circuitry through which the firmware determines how it operates. A slower than normal HDD should be powered down especially if this slowing down results in your computer freezing or locking up. Disconnect the drive and contact us at and we can advise you on what steps to take to ensure the safe recovery of your data.

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