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Recover Data From Synology Network Attached Storage


Hello. I am having a few problems with a NAS USB DiskStation, which should be uploading files from my computer, and saving them onto the drives which have been installed. However, while some of the files from the laptop used upstairs are visible in the NAS system when it is viewed through Disk Management, I am finding it hard to copy files from the Synology system to another external hard drive via USB. Some of the data which is being transferred is quite important, and as the other Synology system is getting old I want to get it all onto the new External drive before it breaks down, I think that I need some assistance as I might have left it too late. Essentially, what is happening is that I am starting the copying process by going into my computer, selecting the file and then asking it to copy it into the new external drive. This process is always started, but then about half way through, it fails completely. I have to abort the copying process, otherwise the computer will freeze and then the DiskStation will crash.


I purchased this a few months ago, and fitted the hard drive into the system. At this point, it seemed very easy. However, I had to wait for nearly 12 hours in order to have it format the disk, it took so long. It got through it eventually, and I was just relieved to tell the truth. I then had to go onto the system to create my ‘user’ profile. Again, this took a long time, but eventually got through, and so I tried to use the DiskStation as it had been designed. I have a lot of information on the NAS, about 100Gb, but even after more than a fortnight, it is still not finished copying the data from the system. The data that has copied of is 70% corrupt. It is also making 5 copies of each file, and each morning, it tries to move the files that it installed yesterday, into another file. This is taking most of the day, so file uploading is taking an age.