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RAID 5 Data Recovery


I have been using an older server, into which were installed 4 drives with 500gb of memory. I put these disks into an array, using the RAID 5 software which was available on the server controller. This worked great at first, and there were no problems with the drives, so I saved a lot of my data from the computer onto these drives. The problem started when I turned off the power to the server in order to take some quick calculations related to the power cable and other information at the back of the enclosure. When I put the power back on, I found a message which said that the drives had been degraded. I went into the BIOS screen, and the system was then reporting that the drives had failed completely, so that I was unable to view the data, or see any of the files. At least one of the drives is offline, which I assume means that it has fallen off of the array. I need to be able to recover the files which are on the array, and I can’t afford to lose them.


I need some help with an Intel server which uses a RAID 5 array containing 5 drives with 750GB of storage each. There are 2 drives which are used as the hot spares, and the rest are configured into a RAID 5 system and stores a lot of data on the drives. I used the server to save data until the end of last week, when the server suddenly froze, and needed to be rebooted manually. After the restart, the server will not boot up into the computer, and I can’t see any of the data which is on the server. I quickly found that the problem was one of the RAID 5 drives, which has failed. I saw that the server was struggling to rebuild the array, which suggested to me that the hard drive which failed was the one which has the RAID 0 configuration. I tried to get the server repaired, but when it was returned, the data was not recovered by the company, and the drives are noted as being degraded. I would like to get the data back that is on these drives, as some of the information on the drive is only available through the server.