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RAID 0 Data Recovery


I need some help with my IBM X226 server which is set up with a RAID 0 array. The server recently suffered a power failure, which involved a problem with the power cord that had somehow failed to earth properly. I didn’t notice the problem for some time, so the server may have been on a very high amount of power for a very considerable amount of time, coupled with sudden drops in power. What seems to have happened is that the RAID controller inside the array has been badly affected by this power surge. The server can’t boot up, and when I try to examine the data in the drives on the computer, I can’t see anything at all. As the disks are in a RAID 0 configuration, I imagine that this means that the system can’t see one of the drives, and this is why the data is not available I need to be able to recover the data.


I have set up a Mandrake server with 2 hard drives in a RAID 0 configuration. There are partitions in both hard drives to ensure that the data was safe, and that there was no chance of loss. However, it seems as though one of the drives has failed this morning, as the Mandrake is reporting a drive read failure. This means that the server can’t boot up, and I can’t read the data which is on the drives. I know that this is a serious problem due to the way that RAID 0 works, but I need to be able to extract the data from the drives, even if one has gone bad. I had expected some kind of warning that a failure would happen, but there has been no sign until the error appeared.