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Recover The Data From Your HP Desktop PC


I am using an HP Media Center M7250 which has stopped working properly. The problem started when there was a power failure. I managed to resurrect the computer so that it was working again, and went to try and get into the operating system. This is where I started to have trouble, as the computer will start the Loading screen, and then put up a blue screen of death, with no error messages, just a pure blue screen. I am not able to get any further into the computer than this, and so I am having a bit of a hard time recovering the data which is on the hard drive. Some of this data relates to family and friends and I don’t have spare copies of this. I don’t want to lose the data.


I have an HP Pavilion 23 which is almost new. It is an all-in-one system so that everything is connected together from keyboard to monitor. I thought that this would be easier to run, but it is now causing me a lot of problems. The computer suffered a suddenly crash, and while I am able to restart it, I am not able to open up any of the Word documents which I had saved to the system. A lot of this relates to work for clients, as I do work to order, and so this might mean that I am unable to supply my clients with the work that they want. When I try to open one of the Word documents, it first says that there is something wrong with the file, and then asks if I want to open it safely. I say Yes, but the computer won’t open the file still, and just leaves me with a blank page.