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Recover Lost Files with Computer Data Recovery


I am trying to restore a Windows 7 Home operating system which was removed when I had to delete everything from the hard drive. I had to do this after a virus attack, and while I cleaned and saved my data onto a spare hard drive, I still need the operating system to be able to view those files and folders which were recovered. I used some formatting software to clean out the data from the infected drive, and tried to set up the OS from scratch. However, I can now only get to a message saying that the operating system was not found. When I try to put the restore CD into the computer, it spins around but does not really start up the drive. I need to get the OS back onto the computer so that I can recover the data from it.


I have a desktop which has Windows 7 installed onto it, and I wanted to be able to upgrade and have Windows 8 onto it as well. There were problems as soon as I put the Windows 8 system onto the computer, including games dropping out of play, and the computer crashing randomly. The problem is that I have saved data to the Windows 8 installation which I cannot now recover. I took it back to the company who installed Windows 8 on the desktop, and they told me that the Motherboard does not support the Windows 8 operating system. Since I had been running it for a while, I don’t quite understand that, but my problem remains the same. I can see the Windows 8 partition, and I can even see the folders where my library should be, but I am not able to recover the data which is on those files, or load it onto the Windows 7 system. I want to be able to get that data back, as it is important to me.