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Recover Data From Compaq Desktop PCs


I am using a Compaq Presario 5000 PC, which has recently started to make strange noises when it is starting up. This was a warning to what was about to happen. The PC suddenly stopped working and now it will not get past the initial boot screen. The PC is used as a file server for a solicitors practice so contains vital data for the running of our business.


I have a Compaq Presario CQ5110 which I have been using for a while, since perhaps 2009. This year, it has been particularly bothersome, typically the first year it has not been under manufacturer’s warranty. What is happening is that sometimes when I start it up, it powers on ok, but then doesn’t boot up. If I leave it like that until the computer warms up a bit, and then turn it off and put it on a couple of times, then it will boot up. Sometimes when I start it up, it won’t even get as far as the power on, it just turns right off. Then I have to unplug everything that is not needed by the computer, reinsert all of the necessary cables, and then try again. I have tried to get it fixed by the vendor, but they refused as it was out of warranty.