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Recovering Data from a Toshiba Laptop


I am trying to help someone with the Toshiba laptop, which is having problems with the hard drive. The OS has suddenly stopped seeing the hard drive, and when it is searching for the drive, there is a funny clicking noise which suggests to me that the hard drive is as good as dead. I have tried several things in order to make the hard drive work. I can feel the disk spinning when it is being read, and the arm of the head will slide up and down, but does not seem to go more than half way. It will stop at around 50%, and the arm seems to stutter, before calling off the search and sliding back to the beginning. I have tried everything, including connecting it to an external hard drive enclosure, and running it on a SATA connection. The OS there also will not read it, although I can feel it moving still.


The hard drive inside my Toshiba laptop stopped working, and started to make loud clicking sounds whenever the laptop was turned on. I have tried several recovery programs, and have not had any success with it. I wanted to try and get someone to recover it for me, but a local laptop store told me that the price could cost as much as £1000, and even more.