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Sony Laptop HDD & Storage Device Problems:

The laptop computer has become the mainstay of the personal user or business person who wants to compute on the move. With this in mind it’s worth noting that a vast number of the queries we receive here at regarding hard drive failures are caused by accidental damage while the laptop is commuting with its owner. Regardless of how hard you, the user, might try, there are occasions when someone will bump into you on the train or in the station and it is these knocks and bumps that can lead to problems with the hard drive later on. In fact we are often asked to deal with hard drives that worked when a user left one location but had ceased to function by the time they had reached their final destination.

Sony Laptop Hard Drive Mechanical Queries:

The mechanics of a ASUS laptop HDD are equally as fascinating as those of their desktop PC or external hard drive counterparts but are on a much smaller scale. It is worth noting that a laptop hard drive averages around 2.5 inches in size so therein the components that make it work are even smaller than in your desktop PC’s drive which is usually around 3.5 inches. Although we might consider this difference of an inch inconsequential it does have some bearing on the intricacy of the laptop drive’s mechanics. Regardless of their overall size however these components operate in the same way as any other hard drive and are prone to the same kind of failings. Platters may spin out of kilter, read and write heads may suddenly jam or the minuscule (invisible to the naked eye) actuator arm that moves these heads may snap. However unlike a desktop PC these components may break because of adverse force applied to them whilst the laptop is in transit. Whatever the reasons behind the failings of these components we at can help recover your data.

Sony Laptop Hard Drive PCB Degradation or Upgrade Concerns:

It is sometimes necessary to replace hard drive within a laptop because of problems arising from the drive’s printed circuit board. This small but important piece of hardware – looking like something one might see inside a television or indeed like a miniature motherboard – carries important information and sometimes the firmware that allows the drive to function. As important as the internal hardware of the drive the PCB can degrade if it has been subjected to trauma; the solder that is used to connect a whole host of chips and capacitors may snap or crack if too much pressure is applied. Sudden pressure from a collision can be at fault. It is important to note that while many websites on the Internet actively promote the possible replacing of said PCB the chances of success when it comes to carrying out such a procedure yourself are very slim and indeed it may be possible to cause more damage to the drive before a positive recover is enacted. With this in mind if you consider your laptop HDD to have failed because of PCB degradation then we recommend you contact us here at, making sure first to have downed the laptop to reduce further risk to your data, and we will be only too glad to help where we can; making the safe recovery of your data our number one goal.

Sony Laptop Hard Drive Firmware Conflicts:

Many laptop users have been heard to ask ‘What is Firmware’? And this is a reasonable question to ask because most computer users – whether they be Mac, PC or laptop – have never had dealings with it previously. Picture if you will a small program that allows for the running of your hard drive in the same way that the operating system tells the computer itself what to do. This program albeit small in size can determine the performance of the hard drive and when a problem develops can determine whether or not the hard drive functions at all. Not unlike the built-in software that determines how an electric toaster toasts individual slices of bread, the firmware inside your hard drive so governs how much information is recorded to each platter at a time and through which set of rear/write heads.

Sony Laptop Hard Drive & Operating System Clashes:

The operating system is the one aspect of any computer that has be in perfect working order for everything else to work too. Yes it is true that an operating system can have problems and the computer will still function but it is also true that while the computer functions it is not performing to its intended level of performance. The operating system can develop problems if important files are accidentally deleted or if bad sectors render certain important files null and void. In addition to this whilst attempting to clean up your hard drive while using the operating system’s built-in disk management tools it is possible to move files from perfectly good sectors onto bad and thus preventing them from working. This kind of problem with operating system can be referred to as a logical error while the user may determine that such behaviour is illogical. And although searching the internet may produce results that claim a variety of available software packages can completely eradicate logical errors the truth is that they may be only able to move files around just as your laptop’s operating system would. If you feel that the operating system installed on your laptop is causing conflicts between the laptop and the hard drive then contact us at

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