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Fujitsu Hard Drive Data Recovery


I have a Fujitsu Amilo Pro laptop, which has been having repeated problems with blue screens. I first got the blue screen of death after I had to reinstall Windows. The laptop had suffered a nasty virus attack, and all the data on the D Drive has become corrupted, I have run several data recovery programs against the drive but cannot get any data recovered from it.


I have been using a Fujitsu AMILO PRO V100 notebook. It has stopped working due to a problem with the hardware, I think, as I could hear a rattling noise whenever I picked it up from the table. I had not dropped it or damaged it in any way, so I investigated. I opened up the laptop bottom, and found that one of the batteries was essentially floating about inside. This is the CMOS battery, I think. I picked it up, and made sure that it was facing the right way before reseating it back into the computer. I then turned the laptop over, and tried to turn it on. It powers up fine, so there is no battery problem, but it will not go any further than the splash screen, which has the F2 to reset. I can’t get it any further into the system.