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Recover Lost Asus Laptop Data


I had a very old Asus S52N, which contained a Seagate hard drive. I eventually got rid of the laptop, but kept the hard drive, and I am having problems getting into it. I have tried connecting it to an external enclosure, linked to the computer through USB and I have also tried to locate it using an old HP laptop which cannot support the hard drive in BIOS. The main problem the computer has with this drive is that the disk is password protected. I tried to run the password unlock program on a HP system, which is the only system to use ATA, but while I can remember the password, and unlock it in safe mode, the drive will not unlock the data.


I have an old Asus P4V8X laptop which is only running USB 1.1. I am trying to recover data after a serious error made by me in shutting down the laptop. I used to turn the laptop off in the same way as the PC, by using the power button, and it seems as though I did not wait long enough to allow Windows to shut down. When I tried to boot up the computer, it would not open the Windows OS, and even when I tried safe mode or Last Known Good. I tried to do a Windows OS recovery, but this was no good, and there was no benefit from it. I then installed Ubuntu from Linux, as I could see the files and folders in BIOS, and knew that there was something there. However, since I have installed Ubuntu, I have not been able to see any of the old folders which I had previously seen. I then tried to attach the hard drive to the desktop, to see if that would work, but Windows did not assign it a drive letter. I made a partition and installed Linux, but now the system reports both partitions are empty.