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Clients – WD Hard Disk Data Recovery Issues

WD My Passport 1TB
I have a 2 year old My Passport and I changed laptops recently – from PC to Mac – and from the premise of it, I already have a problem. Currently, my My Passport contains a lot of sensitive files that I still use regularly. It seems the My Passport is not compatible with my new iMac. I contacted Apple support and they said it should be compatible. I contacted WD Technical support and they remotely tested the hard drive and said it had failed it’s smart tests and recommended I return the drive for an exchange. I need to get the data recovered from the drive first.

Western Digital Scorpio Blue Series of 2.5-inch Hard Drive
I use a 250GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue HDD in my laptop. It has been working great for a number of years but now it is not getting recognised by the laptop. I tried rebooting it but used my original primary drive and I noticed that I cannot find the new drive at all. I checked the Device Manager and if found it there. However, it said there that the drive wasn’t properly initialised so I went to the Disk Management to initialise it. After trying to initialise it, an error showed up saying “Data error (cyclic redundancy check)”. I booted using the Windows 7 installation disk and I tried installing it to the drive but only a bunch of numbers and error codes showed up and I wasn’t able to catch them. They just flashed quickly on the screen.