Seagate Data Recovery

Seagate Data Recovery

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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from failed hard disks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you through the minefield of recovering data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Seagate Data Recovery

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Critical Service £795

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Commonly Encountered Seagate Hard Drive Problems:

Along side the CPU, the memory and the motherboard; the hard drive is one of the most important components within your computer and as such if it develops a fault then there is a good chance that the data you are working on – or have already saved – is at risk of being lost. Hard drives fail for a variety of different reasons; chiefly among them are physical damage to the drive itself and its onboard components, firmware malfunctions and/or damage to the printed circuit board through which important information about how the drive is routed to the motherboard. If your Seagate hard drive does fail and you are in the unenviable position of not having recently made a backup then we here at can help and are on hand with our team of experts to offer over 15-years worth of advice and support

Mechanical Issues Often Causing Seagate Hard Drive Failure:

Common among the reasons why hard drives fail are physical issues befalling the mechanics of the drive itself. The hard drive is a plethora of small and intricate components all working in unison with each other to provide you with a huge volume of storage space and to allow you access to your data quickly. However if a problem arises with the components within the hard drive you may find that you are unable to access your data or write to the drive. Problematic arms, read/write heads and platters are among the most commonly identified reasons as to why we at are called upon to help our clients recover their data after a hardware crash.

Irregular Formatting, Unexpected Loss of Data and Other Seagate Hard Drive Qualms:

When formatting a hard drive for the first time all might appear to be going well but problems can arise and if they do – without the user’s knowledge – then it is only later when they begin to try and save data to their drive that the existence of a problem may be confirmed. Formatting a drive is the process of making it ready to receive data and before this can be done an operating system is installed. If there is a conflict between the operating system and a Seagate hard drive then the format may be rendered irregular and bad sectors, clusters or errors to partition volumes are common.

Seagate Hard Drive Storage PCB Issues:

The PCB – printed circuit board – has the same function on a hard drive as the motherboard does for the computer as a whole. With a wealth of small capacitors, resistors, chips, and a labyrinth of soldered connections the PCB acts as a miniature motherboard routing the requests of the user via the computer and then onto the drive where the instruction is carried out allowing the user to access the drive and subsequently their data. A PCB failure can lead to a complete lock out when it comes to the hard drive and you, as the user, may find that you are unable to retrieve the data contained on said drive. We at can help you recover the data from your Seagate hard drive should the printed circuit board fail and have specialist software, hardware and engineers on hand to help make the process all that much easier.

Problems with Seagate HDD Firmware:

Firmware is the inbuilt program contained either on the platters of a hard drive or it’s printed circuit board and this program, although rarely connected with by the user, is there to ensure the hard drive is able to communicate with the motherboard onto which it has been connected using the ribbon cable. In effect the firmware is the HDDs own operating system and resolves commands sent and received between it and other devices that are connected to it. For example if you have ever wondered how a hard drive knows it is connected to a motherboard then the answer is firmware. Firmware for the most part is a program that is pre-installed at the factory process and is never interfered with again however if a corruption occurs or if the manufacturer discovers that a problem with the firmware exists they may introduce an upgrade. Sometimes however even the upgrading of a firmware program can lead to further complications so if you are in any doubt please contact us at

Conflicts Between Your Seagate Hard Drive and Operating System:

Just as a DVD, Blu-Ray disc, or Compact Disc may not be read in their corresponding drive so to a hard drive might not be readable if there is a conflict between it and the operating system tasked with governing its use inside your computer. The operating system on your computer – be it a Windows-based setup or Mac OS – may develop faults in its own boot sector or folders containing important start-up information. In the case of Windows operating system problems arising with the DLLs (Dynamic Link LIbrary Files) may result in the operating refusing to acknowledge the existence of the drive or the data on it. To this end we at are here to help should your operating system – regardless of its manufacture – refuses to communicate with your storage device.

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