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Clients – Samsung Hard Disk Data Recovery Issues

Samsung HDD
I two new Samsung HDDs – one is used for operating system and the other is used for my user data. I have setup the two drives one as a master and the other as a slave. My HDDs are Samsung HD204UI and HD155UI, respectively. They are both SATA HDD. The Samsung HD204UI is getting recognized and is booting okay as it contains the operating system, but the Samsung HD155UI is not getting recognized by the bios and is not displaying in ‘My Computer’.

Samsung SpinPoint SV4002H 40 GB ATA-100 5400 rpm Hard Drive
I am having problems with my Samsung SpinPoint hard drive because when I connect it to the motherboard via IDE connectors, it is detected intermittently by BIOS. Sometimes when I turn on the PC, it boots and I can sometimes access my files. Then other times, when I reboot, it no longer opens and when I check it on BIOS, the hard drive is not there. Recently it is not booting at all. I checked for loose connection between the HDD and the motherboard but it seems they are tightly plugged together. I also checked the power supply on the motherboard because maybe there isn’t enough power driven into the hard drive but that is not the case. The power supply is just fine. It appears that the problem is with the SpinPoint hard drive only. Though it seems fine, I don’t hear any clicking sound like what others with HDD problems experience.