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Clients – Maxtor Hard Disk Data Recovery Issues

Maxtor One Touch II 200 GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive
I have a Maxtor One Touch II 200 GB external hard drive for quite some time now and it was working pretty nicely until today. When I used the drive to back up some files from my laptop, the device started to malfunction. When I plugged the hard drive on my laptop, it showed an error saying “Request could not be performed because of an I/O device error”. It is such an irony since I badly need to transfer these files for a presentation. Timing is pretty bad. Anyway, I have tried the basic troubleshooting guide from Maxtor. I was told to check the ports and cables, try other USB ports, and other preliminary fixes but none of them work. I checked other forums but most of the suggestions are for hard drives that can no longer be fully recognized by computers. My problem is quite isolated since I can access the drive and other files except for the three folders where my important documents are. So it’s weird for me that some files work while others don’t. I also performed defragmentation on the drive since I thought there might be bad sectors but it seems still intact.

Maxtor BlackArmor 160 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive
Last year, I bought a Maxtor BlackArmor external hard drive from a friend who was selling out his used stuff. He said it was still pretty new but he just upgraded to one with a bigger capacity so he wouldn’t need it anymore. Instead of merely disposing it, he just sold it to me for a very good price. The hard disk has 160 GB storage capacity and he just told me to reformat it so I can have it fresh. I did that and it worked out fine, as if I purchased a brand new hard drive. I had no problems with it until suddenly it stopped working with my ASUS Zenbook. My notebook fails to recognise it now though it used to work perfectly before. When I plug it in, the usual options that launch before no longer do and when I go to see it on My Computer, it isn’t there. I have saved lots of audio stuff there that are very important so I need to get the data recovered badly.