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Clients – IBM Hard Disk Data Recovery Issues

IBM Deskstar60GB 75GXP hard drive
Hi there. Several years ago I’ve gone and bought myself an IBM Deskstar 60GB 75GXP hard drive. Lately I’ve been noticing something off with my old yet reliable hard drive. My IBM hard drive is now consistently making strange sounds. The best way for me to describe it is that it’s a lot like two metal wheels colliding together and making a screeching sound. The sound’s not unbearable, but it is kind of annoying. The sound has a pattern too, like the same sound repeats for a few times before the hard drive goes all quiet, and then the same sound comes back. The same pattern repeats over and over every time I try to logon the PC. Files inside the drive have a sentimental value and I need the data recovered ASAP. I understand that the hard drive is pretty old, but I still hope that the data can be recovered.

IBM Travelstar 40GB
I have a IBM hard drive inside a HP laptop. It has very important and personal data on it, but I have not backed them up yet. I planned on backing up the data but never got around to it. The external HD has some issues, it still spins but does not load up correctly, it only gets to the login screen and does not get past that. For 2 days chkdsk run on system but did not fix the problem. I had figured that I could use a normal 40 pin IDE cable and some jumper wires for run voltage, but I could not solve my problem.