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Clients – Hitachi Hard Disk Data Recovery Issues

Hitachi SATA HDD
I am trying to recover the data stored on my disk but I keep on failing. I got this HDD about three years ago. It has an operating installed in it and some files that I want to get. I want to transfer the files on the new hard drive that I will be using. I am using a SATA to USB adapter to perform data recovery. When I plug the SATA to USB adapter, the Hitachi SATA HDD is not detected. I checked the connection to make sure that nothing is loose but the HDD is still not recognised. I tried a different SATA drive using the SATA to USB adapter and it was recognized so I think the problem is on Hitachi HDD. When plugged it in, I can hear the disc inside the hard drive spin but then there are clicks every three seconds. That is the only unusual thing on the hard drive.

CinemaStar Z7K500 or CinemaStar C5K1000
I built a new entertainment center 2 years ago and I ran into some problem with hard drive. I used a CinemaStar Z7K500 hard drive. I require the high capacity of the K500, just because of the large library of movies I have available. The single disc design, combined with the 7200rpm was exactly what I needed. Unfortunately the hard drive failed after 2 years and I have all my work movies on the drive. The movies are design work I have completed for all my clients over the last 2 years and I am legally responsible to keep a copy of them for 5 years so I have a big problem. I have tried connecting the hard drive to another computer but would not connect. I have tried connecting it via a usb caddy but again would not connect. I took hard drive to PC World but they wanted to send it away to their recovery lab and charge me £1100 so not I am looking your data recovery services as you have been recommended after featuring in a PC Mag that had you the No1 Data Recovery Company in UK.