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Clients – Hard Disk Data Recovery Issues

Recently I installed a Seagate ST4000DM000 4TB drive into my gaming pc. I spend a lot of time playing games and do so on a professional level so I needed a drive that was going to be reliable and stand up to quite a bit of abuse when it comes to time spent in operation. The Seagate ST4000DM000 4TB seemed one of the best choices because it offered me more reliability (so the reviews said) but now when I’m in the middle of a game and attempt to create a save file the pc switches to the Windows desktop and tells me that there faults on the disk. This happens every time I try and create a save file and so far I have a whole load of files named with the extension *.tmp that I can’t access. The problem is getting worse and I’m now unable to play as many games online as I would like because I cannot save my progress. I reported the problem to the manufacturer who told me they could replace the drive because it was within the warranty (I bought it in July) but I can’t afford to lose the files on there and they won’t accept responsibility for loss of information personal or otherwise. Any chance of some help or advice?

I’ve got a Hitachi 0J22423 Travelstar 1TB drive installed in my computer and running Windows Vista. I steered clear of Windows 7 because I was told that there might be problems running it on the Travelstar but now I’m finding that the computer is reporting a lot of read failure and write failure errors. I know there’s nothing wrong with the computer because I have had other drives in it and have had external drives attached and running great. I took it back to the shop where I bought it and they told me that it was my fault the disk wasn’t working properly and that I shouldn’t have been chopping and changing it. Disheartened I have returned home and am using a table to access the Internet. Is there anyway I can either restore or get my information off this drive before it fails completely? The guy in the shop was going on about the drive coming off its heads or the platters being out of alignment but to be honest I’m not that clued in and from what I’ve read online it doesn’t sound good. I can cope with getting a new drive but can’t cope with the loss of all that music and movies I have spent a long time downloading from iTunes and other streaming services.