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Netgear Data Recovery


I have built myself a new PC from scratch, designed to be used inside my new media office in the basement. I am using a 4-drive ReadyNas system using RAID-X configurations. I have been using this system for nearly 2 years, without having any problem at all. However, I have recently been having trouble with data that has been stored in this home office. I had not deleted all of the programs which were stored on the new system, and it seems as though one of these activated, and for some reason removed the information that I had stored on the external hard drive since the PC build. At least, when I look in the Readynas, I cannot see any of the data I have saved, including files and folders. The basic settings which I have installed onto the hard drive remain, but it does seem as though the directory has just been stripped by this old program. As there are no recycling bins on my Readynas drives, I assume that the files and folders are still somewhere on the disk.


I have been using a Mac computer for several years, and recently wanted to upgrade it to something more powerful. I fitted a new operating system, and then was planning to connect my existing Netgear Readynas storage unit (102) in order to have somewhere to save data. The hard drive in the PC would have been formatted and then added to the network storage pay. However, when I tried to add the drive to my Readynas, there were a series of strange buzzing noises, and then a clicking, as though it were ticking over. I tried to connect the hard drive with my other Apple devices, including an iMac, but it is now doing nothing but clicking, it will not work on any system.