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LaCie Data Recovery


I have been given an old Lacie external hard drive by a friend, as they found that they weren’t able to copy files to the drive. This happened over a short period of time, so that files which were on there were damaged. Trying to copy, modify or delete files resulted in an error message. I tested on a computer, and ran a recovery program to try and work out the program. The first and second sectors were green, but the remaining ones were bright red. As the data had been backed up by my friend and they were not interested in the Lacie drive any more, I chose to format the drive. I received an error while trying to format in high level, so went to a low level formatting pattern instead. I then got an error back saying ‘Format Error occurred” and giving me a list of numbers described as OFFSET. This happens regularly throughout the sectors, and I don’t really know what it means.


I am having problems with a Lacie Little Disk or Lacie Littledisk. I have been using it for a long time, but recently I tried to connect it to the computer, as usual, and it seems like all the data is gone. I could see the drive (using Windows XP), but the Windows Disk Manager would not allow me to give the drive a letter, so I could go in and have a look. I then discovered that there is a problem with the USB cable which comes with the Lacie drive. I replaced that, but it seemed to have no effect on the disk. I tried to save my data using a recovery program, but there was an error stating that the program could not proceed. This happens with all types of recovery programs, so I suppose that the disk is corrupted somehow.