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Iomega Data Recovery Services


My Iomega external hard drive, Silver Series with 320gb of memory, has stopped working. It was fine earlier on in the day, but is now not being recognised by the computer. There is lots of beeping, so I know that the drive itself is working, but there is no icon available on the PC. When I plug the device in to the computer, there is a noise as though it were connecting, which indicates to me that there is no problem with the link, however when I go into the disk management utility, there is no driver available there. I cannot get a drive letter, and so I cannot add it to My Computer so that I can access the drive. The beeping suggests that the drive is finding it difficult to talk to the computer, so I have changed the cables and tried to get a better connection between the PC and the drive. This has not been successful. My biggest fear is that I may have blown part of the mother board.


I have an Iomega external hard drive, I am not sure of the memory. I am using a Windows 7 operating system on an HP desktop computer. I recently discovered that my drive was very fragmented, so I cut down on the backups that were in it, and then started a defrag program. This seemed to work fine, and there were no problems, although the drive had been very fragmented, almost 100%. The last time I tried to get access to the drive, I discovered that there are only a few small files available. The rest of the drive is ’empty’, but when I look at ‘Properties’, the drive is showing as having used 200GB. This does not seem right. I can’t see those files when looking on the Iomega hard drive itself, only when scanning Properties.