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Buffalo Data Recovery


A problem with a backup script has been causing me severe problems with my Buffalo Linkstation. I had been working with this for about 12 months with absolutely no trouble at all, and then this script suddenly started to fill all of the drives, at once, with complete nonsense. Naturally, I deleted all of this rubbish, and have amended the script to stop it doing so. However, I am now unable to get the Linkstation to talk to my NAS system, which was the whole point of buying it in the first place. I have tried connections through IP addresses, and even used the Navigator to try and contact the external hard drive, but there has been no response. When the drives appear, I can see them on Windows, but I cannot open any of them and access the data on the Buffalo system, getting a message saying that the machine cannot find a network path which is named “53”. I can get nothing at all from the web connections.


I have just bought a Buffalo Linkstation with the intention of using it as a backup system. However, I started to have problems as soon as I set it up. There is one drive, which has a single partition, all of which is formatted. I also have several folders which have drive letters, so that I can access them easily. Set it up easily, and then closed the laptop and restarted it in order to get the save the drive to the laptop. When I did this, I found that the drives were not available, although I had only just connected them. It seems as though they don’t come on automatically, and while I can see the drive description, and the letters I assigned to them, I get a message saying that the network drive has disconnected and I cannot access the data as a result. As there is no sleep-mode with my NAS, and it is connected to the router the whole time, I don’t understand why the driver is disconnecting each time.