Case Study 3: Windows 2003 Server with a Corrupted Exchange EDB Store

Windows 2003 server which stored an Exchange 2003 system and was also used as the file server for the 20 person office. Exchange server would not start up and reported the edb file as being corrupted. Client contacted Microsoft business support that confirmed that the edb database file was heavily corrupted and could not be repaired by Microsoft with their repair utilites. Client had only a 5 month old backup of edb file so needed the exchange database backup up and running with an up to date database with all 20 mailboxes of staff.

We received in raid server and quickly established the extent of the damage. We managed to extract 5 complete mailboxes from the corrupted edb store (Microsoft could not extract any mailboxes) but we could not extract the other 15 mailboxes needed. We then went to the log files and rebuilt the edb file from them. We recovered all mailboxes after 3 days extensive recoding work on the log files.

* We are Exchange data recovery experts and have 15 years experience.