Case Study 1: Apple iMac Making Loud Noises

The clients iMac was making sme loud noises for a while but was otherwise working fine. The noise was getting so bad that the client decided to phone a local computer repair shop to get their advice. They advised it was the fans inside the iMac casing and that they recommended that the client bring the iMac to them and they would change the fans inside the iMac and clean any dust etc that was inside the casing. Once client got the iMac home he started it up, the noise was gone but he was only getting as far as a question mark on the screen. He called the local PC repair shop who said they tested it before it left their shop and that the iMac was working fine. The client brought them in the iMac again to fix but they could not fix the problem.

We diagnosed the fault as a physical problem. It looked like the hard drive received some type of knock or fall as all components inside the hard drive casing was damaged including media damage on the disk platters. We performed a disk platter procedure on the hard drive and imaged 89% of the sectors on the drive. We could not image anymore due to the media damage on the disk platters. We backed up data for client onto a portable external hard drive.

* Leave data recovery to the experts, if you have brought your hard drive to a local computer repair shop to get the data recovery, in most cases you will end up being disappointed!.