Notebook Recovery


I have a Toshiba Laptop L8500 computer which is having problems starting up and accessing the operating system. I have been using this for some time, but it has recently started displaying problems with the files. What happens is that I can type a perfectly ordinary line of writing, and save it onto a file on the laptop, but when I come to open that file again, it all appears to be written in a different code. I just get line after line of computer babble, and this is making it difficult for me to use the laptop as I had intended, which was as a source for my blog and my website, both of which require a lot of input at regular intervals. Without being able to use the files which I have saved to the computer, I would be far behind in the number of blogs that I can post to the website. This might mean, for example, that I have only a few posts, maybe one or two written directly to the blog, rather than the 8 or so which I had saved on the file. I am hoping that yourselves can help me to recover the data which should have been stored on the files.


I have a Toshiba Qosmio X75 which repeatedly loses files after I have shut down the system. The latest problem has occurred after the computer shut down during the middle of a backup session. Files were being copied from my laptop, and onto a folder in my external hard drive. The backup was only a certain distance along the progress bar, perhaps about 30%, when the laptop suddenly shut off. I restarted it immediately, but I found that at least some of the files from the laptop are missing. They have not been transferred to the external drive, and they are not in the My Documents folders (which is where they were being transferred from). I thought they might be in the Temporary files, but there is nothing there. I can’t afford to lose any of these documents, as many of them are important work files and folders, and others are sentimental family photos and other related documents. I therefore need as much data recovered as possible from the laptop.