Dell & HP Raid Recovery


We have small Dell server operating with a system of 3 drives set up in a RAID array. We thought that a RAID 5 arrangement was the best system, since it would allow me to at least have some kind of backup if one of the drives when down. It worked fine and I saved data from the last 5 or 6 months onto this array. However, we have discovered that I am not able to access the drives anymore, as the computer is issuing an error. I also notice that, although I have a total of 8000GB storage space on the drives, we are only able to access about 5000gb, and some of that contains the mirrored RAID system. We are concerned that I have made some kind of mistake, and that this is now affecting how I view the data, but the basic fact remains that I can’t view the information from the last few months, some of which is very important indeed. We need real help with recovering this data.


I have an array with 4 hard drives which I have configured to a RAID 5 in a HP system. This has been operational for some months, and I have used it to preserve important data for my home business. This week, the computer suddenly started asking me to format the array disks. It won’t open up any of the disks, and nor will it allow me to view any of the files which I know are inside array. I thought that perhaps a drive had failed, but all of the drive bay lights are green, so I can’t identify which is the problem. After seeking advice, I have tried replacing the cord which connects my PC to the SATA cable, and I have also tried replacing the SATA card, but neither of these solutions has made any difference to the end result. I am mainly interested in recovering the data from the drives, as this contains important information about clients, and also records of my transactions which I need to be able to see for future reference.