Apple Data Recovery


I have been using a Macbook Pro 1.1 and need some help with the laptop. Each time I turn on the screen, I go into a blue screen, and the system won’t boot up. Sometimes, by repeatedly pressing keys, I can get the system to boot into the Apple logo, but it won’t go any further than that. I intend to replace the hard drive, which I think is causing the problem, but I first need to be able to extract the files which are located on the drive. This is a big issue for me, as some of the data on the computer is related to my home business, and I won’t be able to recover the information from any other source. There is also no backup to the laptop, so I have to have the data from here.


I have an Apple iMac G5 which I wanted to install an Ubuntu OS on. I chose to save the data from the Mac onto an external hard drive, so that I could use it once the OS had been installed. I downloaded it all ok, and when I went into the operating system I loaded the Mac data from the hard drive back on to the Mac. However, the next time I started the iMac up, I only got a black screen. I can’t get it to do more than that, and I can’t even recover the OS which was there before this one. I am also not able to install off of the disk again, because the system is just frozen at this black screen. All of the data was moved from the external hard drive back onto the Mac, and so I have lost the lot unless you can recover the data for me.