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Mac Recovery


I need help with a Macbook Air laptop which is used as an office computer. The company have been using it for several months, and there is a lot of data stored there. The machine needed to be charged after being used on the road for a few days, and so it was plugged into an electrical socket. One of the employees was also on the internet at the same time. They say that there were no surges, but suddenly the machine made a small ‘bing’ sound, and then shut down. There was also an odd smell in the air which was apparent when I came into the room. The laptop itself is not overheated, just slightly warm, although the charger was very hot. The computer at the moment is unresponsive, and the IT person at the company has not been able to get it to start up. The problem is that there is a lot of data on the computer which has just been collected on the road, and the company want to be able to recover as much as possible from this before they dispose of the hard drive.


I am using a Macbook Air 13.3, which has been working for about 14 months. I am now having problems progressing from the Loading screen to the login section. The computer just hangs about on the loading page where the Apple Logo is, and does not give any response to anything else. I don’t know what the problem is, as there were no warnings before, it just wouldn’t load up. I have an installation disk which I could use to recreate the Mountain Lion OS, but before I put that on, I want to be able to recover the data from my hard drive. There iare a lot of documents which I have created over the past year or so, and there are also old photographs and images which were saved from another computer.