Case Study 2: A Dropped Buffalo Linkstation Live

Client had a Buffalo Linkstation Live, configuration was Raid 0 x 4 500GB hard disks that dropped on the floor during an office move. The Buffalo Linkstation Live system was used for 3 years without any problems so it was a bit of bad luck that the removal men dropped the Buffalo device while the client was moving office. The lights on the front of the Buffalo Linkstation Live NAS system comes on when system starts but it does not start up. There was some low level clicking noises coming from the Buffalo Linkstation. The drive is also encypted so this will also need to be removed to gain access to the data.

We got client to remove the 4 hard drives and send them into us. We diagnosed that the hard drives all had a mechanical failure. As the system was a raid 0 system we needed 4 x 100% hard drive images to process the data. We completed a platter exchange on the hard drives and imaged all 4 disks. We then removed the encryption and extracted the data. We backed up data onto a 3TB external hard drive. This job was completed in 4 days.

* If you have dropped your external drive please contact us for a data recovery solution.